CSI: Jerusalem — New Easter Play!

New Easter play highlights evidence for a literal, bodily resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. This play can be done with very modest sets and costumes. Only nine characters are need: 5 men and 4 women.

Synopsis: Two CSI techs are arguing over Christianity and its credibility. The skeptic is getting ready to leave for a party dressed in a Biblical costume, carrying her equipment bag. The Christian tech, working on some tests, argues that the resurrection is irrefutable evidence for Christianity. It is proof that Jesus is God and there is no other explanation for the empty tomb other than Jesus is God and He rose from the dead. The other tech shoots back that if there had been a proper CSI team on site, they would have been able to find a natural explanation for the disappearance of the body. This tech boasts that all you would have needed was one CSI and the problem would have been solved. Suddenly, an explosion or short circuit of some equipment they’re working on happens. When the smoke clears, the skeptic finds herself alone in a remote place. She has somehow been transported back in time to Easter morning. She gets her opportunity to physically examine the empty tomb and interview witnesses. What she learns does not confirm her different theories about natural explanations for the empty tomb. She is forced to acknowledge the resurrection as historical and scientific fact. Somehow her cell phone works and she is able to communicate with the Christian tech over the centuries and throughout the course of her investigation.

CSI Jerusalem Script

Though there is no charge to use these scripts, they are copyrighted material. I simply ask that you request permission:

  1. To use the drama in your location
  2. To make the copies needed for your cast only
  3. And that you acknowledge the source of the drama in your publicity and program material.
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  1. Will follow the guidelines you suggest above if we use.

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