Something to Celebrate, Something to Mourn?

Last week was the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Some celebrate this and others gnash their teeth over this. My heart goes out to women who have been affected by choosing abortion. The effects of this choice last years, decades and even a lifetime. I know of a 77 y.o. woman who struggled with this on her deathbed. I also deeply grieve the 55 million children killed through this sin.

People justify this with terms like “reproductive health.” What deception! This is not about protecting reproductive health. All too often the woman’s ability to reproduce is severely damaged due to abortion. There is nothing healthy about this procedure.

Another justification is that a woman has a right to her own body. But medical science is clear — the unborn baby is not her body. It has separate DNA and often separate blood type, etc. This is a separate human being temporarily finding shelter and nutrition in the mother’s womb.

Presently, a mother’s womb is the most dangerous place for a baby. More babies are killed in the womb than in car accidents, home fires, accidental poisonings, shootings, etc. combined. The daily toll is like 150 Sandy Hook shootings — 3,000/day.

The term pro-choice bugs me as well. What about the choices of the unborn baby? Let’s call it what it is — pro-death, pro-baby killing, or pro-abortion at least. As far as the free choice of the mother — too many of these women are under extreme pressure if not faced with force and threats to abort their babies.

Satan, the deceiver, is a master at PR — putting the positive spin on sin. Let’s break free of this terminology that makes abominations seem reasonable or acceptable. Let’s awaken from this slumber that makes committing violence to the defenseless seem like a human right.

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